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{Latest*} Best Whatsapp Status Sad For Love Him And Her

if you get  latest Best Whatsapp Status Sad and quotes and many more. Also you can share this blog , articles and Best Whatsapp Status Sad with your friends and family members. I’m trying my best level to write,share the latest and good meaning Whatsapp Status .

Best Whatsapp Status Sad


{Latest*} Best Whatsapp Status Sad For Love Him And Her
{Latest*} Best Whatsapp Status Sad For Love Him And Her

1.Miracles can happen from just sending wishes of loving kindness to another.

2.To believe is to know in your heart that it’s already done.

3.Rather than telling others how to live their life, lovingly show them by example.

4.Never let the quality of the music determine the quality of the dance.

5.Many proudly say they don’t fear death, yet live their lives as if they fear living.

6.Sometimes the lesson is in asking the question, not in !ending the answer.

7.Money doesn’t change people, but rather, only implies that which a person already is.

8.The older we get, the greater importance we place on time spent with loved ones.

9.Negative people present us with an expedited personal growth opportunity.

10.Our light shines the brightest when we are working on something bigger than ourselves.

11.Adversity is but a gentle hand to shape you into something greater.


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12.When we give without being asked miracles happen.

13.If you’re going to take the time to do it, do it right the !rest time.

14.Never allow the size of your dreams to be limited by what someone else thinks is possible.

15.When we focus on faith rather than fear, anything becomes possible.

16.When you can look a coming storm in the face without fear, you have mastered your life.

17.Your life will improve exponentially when you improve the life of another.

18.Our strength and resilience are always in direct proportion to our level of adversity.

19.The fear of the storm is always worse than the storm itself.

20.If you must follow something rather than lead, let it be your own bliss.

21.Dream big and make life fun! Do something outrageous each day.

22.Just the fear of failure–not failure itself–has the ability to stop greatness in its tracks.

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23. It’s easy to show kindness and love others when you !rest love yourself.

24. Live your life with no regrets. Bless the past and let it go.

25. To achieve success, attitude is more important than assets, aptitude, age or anything else.

26. For all things, for all reasons, express your gratitude.

27. A positive attitude can overcome a negative situation.

28. Do something special to inspire someone else today, and chances are, it will touch your life too.

29. Nothing is greater than LOVE. Spread some today.

30. May peace and understanding be yours in this moment.

31. Kindness and love will conquer fear and illusion any day.

32. Believe that you can do it, for when you believe, doors will open unto you.


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33. The gift of oneself is the greatest thing we can give. Be present.

34. If you are worthy of the breath of life, you are worthy of all else. Let it in.

35. Live simply, love deeply and know your own inner wisdom.

37. Belief, not worry, is the only way out of a bad situation.

38. Live to give and give to life. Giving is the reason for living.

39.Never, ever give up on your dreams. Never, ever!

40. The most important person to love is YOU. Once you do that, it’s easier to love everyone else.

41. Happiness is something that happens from a choice within, rather than from circumstance outside of ourselves.


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