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Best Facebook Status In English For Girlfriend

Best Facebook Status

Best Facebook Status  In English For Girlfriend
Best Facebook Status In English For Girlfriend

1;when i see” something wrong  people and think about this whoz that ?

2;Love is such a sweet thing”Love is source a life !

3;”Ocean in a drop, And a lifetime  in a moment”

4;”Should i bow down or cast away every evil eye?” O God, what should i do.. ?

5;”Love is a world of dreams,”

7;”My desires are running wild .like the cloud in the sky.. like raindrops”

7; ‘Two things never stop in a wedding house ‘.full cream milk tea.and the unwanted opinions of your relatives.

8; Life is very interesting like.Drama,Comedy ,Romance!

9; ”if he has taught me never to lose hope”

10; i’ll organised the best party for u , i swear !

11; i haven’t done anything in my life, without love<<

12; i will do it after marriage and not before marriage.

13; i confident of you. You are my disciple you won’t give up so easily…

14 This is the biggest truth.Dude, Love is like a vine.Trust me !

15;Don’t…don’t justify yourself, Please Please Please..

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16; If u want lead happily married.you not cheat on your wife….

17; Son,don’t ever underestimate love for the bitch lover….

18;Please go from here , i don’t want to talk to you …

19; you will remember me. when you feel lonely without me…

20; “There is beauty all around.The world is full of beauty.”

21; “lets go of control.Do something indecent”

22; “The eyes of man are a camera..Zoom in when you get the chance”

23; “Behind every successful man there i a woman…..”

24;”We man have it hidden deep in our hearts ”

25; I’ll tell you that.you know me”….

26; “I Wish we spend every day like this,Right”

27;God,I don’t want ever change my wrong life…

28; Life has became really monotonous

29;”If u get such success from one single girl,then how much success will u get from lord of girl”

30;Guilt,Guilt is a man biggest enemy,,,,,

31; “Never underestimate life because life is not joke”

32;I have to spend my entire life with a man like this..

33; Don’t Ever bring your girlfriend at home.Never….

34; “You Know i won’t leave you till you tell me” ..

35 “Marriage are made in heaven,If your prayers are strong”

36;No Just the house,decorate the entire locality,,, because i am coming …”

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37; “The relation of love is amazing.always be with your beloved..”

38; “It’s brought sentiments with it. Its a beautiful season”.i pray to God to shower his grace.”

39: “People like u do discrimination in the society ”

40: “I wish she is leaving forever. it will b great”

41; “i tell you something? i love wives.. But other wives”

42; If i don’t find my beloved,i searched for him on the streets..

43;if u Want to win the exam of life,it’s very important to apply it practical..

44; “You are my student,Buddy. you can’t fail ”

45; “Please don’t do a favor. don’t do it,, Please”

46;if your girlfriend sees you with another girl,deny it clearly .. say no on her face….

47;i didn’t give you heart.you must have stolen it.

48;”Just don’t fall in love.. i just want to have funn ..”

49; i don’t have to worry about anything as you’re with me at my heart .

50;”Get drunk now.hit the ground,string that around.”

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